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Welcome to the Newness+The Virtues of Restraint

Posted in Darkside, Random, Skeletor, Team by Mickey/SpookyBikes on April 12, 2010

Ididn’t like the old website.  There’s a new one, but here’s some shit to fill the time.

I’ll put a post up later with bike info!

(watch the whole thing.  It might change your game.)

I finally “came up with names” for some singlespeeds. Of course I forgot what the names were, but I think i finally figured out what to do about the “disc brake problem” and perhaps found some new things along the way. We are going to have 26″/650b and 29″ test mules racing down at Singlespeedpalooza, whenever and wherever the hell that is.

A Story:
My pedal stroke is smooth as hell. A Computrainer told me so. In a time of weakness and grief Andy Coggin came came in a dream and whispered sweet nothings about some “force quadrant” thing-” Bompa haunted me with visions of overload and hypercompensation. I’d given into the idea of them as a novel training modality. Recently while riding helmetless and high on Stoke through a reducing radius left hander on my 22 pound 9 geared hardtail I saw a light ascend to the heavens before me.

The murky skies opened up and a powerful, glowing shaft of light from a broken SRM PCIV burst forth, flaying a drab vision wherin riding a bike hard is facilitated by regimen and self restraint. In this cold world of seductive warmth, wealth and dullness, any crisp light of freedom must be embraced.

And so it was that i felt the consensual caress of rebirth through pain and purifying struggle sweep me off to a world where suffering was done for sufferings sake and not as a form of self-denial.
Ride it as hard as you fucking can, all the time, even if it’s not the Fastest
One Gear . One Self. Race Free. Free Race. Or die.

I sure as hell don’t think that racing the damn things is a good idea, or that there should be a USAC category for singlespeeds. It cheapens the experience to the point of vulgarity to pay a premium for something that is better free.

Telepathic Immortal Hovercraft-
Replace Toil with Struggle.

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