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Are you not human?

Posted in Illiterate, Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on June 9, 2010

Put down the computer and the I-phone for a few days every once and a while.

We’ve been trying it lately here at Spooky, and  it doesn’t take long to remember that life can exist without this inhuman, unhealthy and ultimately destructive hive-minded metacognitive shitshow.

Rise Above.

Read some books, ride without the phone and the goddamn powermeter.  Put down the helmet cam, avoid the messageboards.   If God’s day is Sunday, let Saturday belong to You.

One day a week- wake up, read the paper, eat food you prepared yourself out of foodstuffs not “food product”, ride your bike without the GPS.   Don’t stop and take pictures to show other people.   You don’t need satellites, you don’t need need a helmet camera, hell, you don’t even need a car to be free.

Your life is your life, not your Network.  We all use the internet to sell things, and sell things only, don’t kid yourself.  We look to the networks for affirmation, connection and entertainment.  It is not free, it is not spontaneous and it is not tangible or real without your participation.  Commerce, commerce with a face is totally awesome.  The non-consensual economic warfare being waged on our rights to communicate freely is a big deal to us, and it should be a big deal to you too.

We produce for the people who know about us and like us- if I wanted to I could target every one of you directly.  I know what you look like, where you ride, who you ride with, I can estimate your socio-economic class and your budget.  I can look at your race results, hell, I can check your credit if I want to.
Do you really want this?   I don’t, and we don’t mine information on our Facebook and Twitter followers, even though we could.   I could certainly sell 3 or 4 more bikes a day consumer-direct if I went out hunting for you.  We could sell you the bike we want to sell you instead of the bike you need.  We could convince you to bump up to carbon wheels and lightweight prestige-oriented products that offer limited return just to squeak a few extra bucks out of you.  We could pester you non-stop.  We, as corporation, have free and unlimited rights to speech and access to tools you will never have.   You don’t have a chance unless you take action.

Take back your life every way you can.  If you don’t Newscorp, Comcast, Verizon. AT&T, Twitter and Google will continue to have more control of your than you will.   They can use their unregulated corporate speech to drown and asphyxiate you.  We corporations can cut off your access to information- we can sell bald-faced lies and perverted truths to maximize ROI and shareholder value.   We can force you to buy a new derailleur every 8 months or an Iphone every 18 months via planned obsolesce.

We can plan the obsolescence of your voice, your will.

Fashion is cyclical-  I would posit that there haven’t been any truly new ideas in the physical world since the invention of the birth control pill.  Nature has been soundly defeated for half a century but progress marches on.

We are reaching the end of a wild, spontaneous  and unchecked human epoch.

From Marx to Merckx to Merck- We have now entered a new era of feudalism.  This new world, for it is a new world, exists already- we will see the final struggle in the millenia-long battle to imprint Man’s hand upon the earth and the climax of the ancient struggle pitting Men against Man in the pursuit of unchecked power and dominance before today’s U23 XC racers start racing in the 30+ class.

In the next few years, while you are watching Lost in syndication the land shall be struck by an open palm from above and and from the ground we shall slither to the rocks and the caves- no time to simmer the Sturm und Drang of bourgeois existence will be found.

Regestalted human civilization will entail a rapid process of internet- based de-humanization and disenfranchisement that will seem familiar to those who have studied history.
The human animal is about to evolve- the machines will make it so.   There are already organs we carry that have no utility- the relentless march of light and time and space will see more redundancies added to the system.  Evolution is undeniable, irrevocable and natural.  That is known.  Do you want to help engender serious chromosomal mutations to the species that will leave us poorly equipped to live in the physical world?  Do you?  Are you really that apathetic, that disconnected from yourselves?  I think that the answer is a resounding yes from a huge portion of the species.  This is a real evolutionary shift- but we collectively posses the power to preserve our unique animal capacities that have seen homo-sapiens rise to such great heights of development cognition and freedom.

Head to the high ground- head to the sea- head into the dead and dying cities and fight for humanity.  Disassemble the power structures that we have all helped to create.

Plant, grow, make- talk, compose, send, dig, ride, fall, bleed and breathe.   That is YOU.

The fight hasn’t been labor against  capital for more than a hundred years now, the corporate state sealed the deal before World War One.  The new battle is not for the body, but for the will to act and the right to exist with the current level of freedom that we have come to expect in Western Society.

Turn it all off, turn yourself on and start shredding every day.

Don’t Devolve.  Rise Above.

Giving credit where credit is due

Posted in Illiterate by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 8, 2009

get it rightAmerican cycling sources we ask something big of you… (more…)

we’re not packrats

Posted in Illiterate by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 2, 2007

Good morning everyone! Today we were blessed with some very cool, old stock of stickers and tons of other old school spooky stuff that Kevin was so kind to give us. Our “office” is now littered with tons of bikes and now stickers, a 5yr olds wet dream come true. I took sometime from organizing stickers with Mickey to get all artistic. I’m the child of two artist, one of which is a photographer, bound to pick some of it up eventually.


Laugh, but check out all the cool stickers on the floor!oh man

dirtjump fairies

Posted in Illiterate by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 1, 2007

So sometimes you come home and see that things are just slightly different. It doesn’t always hit you right away, but once you see it, it’s one of those moments were you’re not quite sure exactly what is happening. You stand there and merely

we are going to die


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