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Transparency, freedom, Floyd, Wikileaks and Egypt

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 28, 2014

Anyone who knew him before all of the USPS provided dope and concomitant greed made him go fucking crazy can attest to the fact that he was a friendly fucking animal that …batted around other East Coast mtb pros like a tiger kitten playing with rats.

There is a reason that Ex-road pros kill themselves and end up addicted to painkillers.
Drugs ARE bad. Being forced to live a lie destroys you. It changes your brain chemistry. Permanently. It fucks your psychology in un-imaginable ways. You think those closeted toe-tapping senators have it bad?
When you come out of the closet you don’t have a code of silence to deal with, and you don’t have goons of one of the most powerful athletes in the world trying to invalidate your existence.

Lanceoids are just as dogmatic as the Christian Right. They’ve got the same blinders on. Hell, Lance’s PR people also worked for GWB, Altria, Billy Clinton and lord knows how many other slippery characters.

We can’t just blame the system- the riders DO have to make a choice to take the Medicine. What so many of these critics ignore is the crisis of self and humanity that God’s design creates in our minds. We are all flawed. Floyd is flawed, Floyd made mistakes. Floyd is still trying reconcile his karmic checkbook. He’s certainly been in the red since he left his protective Mercury cocoon to head across the pond to serve a pretty cruel and petty paymaster. It’s going to take years. He’ll end up off his rocker like Alexi Grewal, toothless in the hills. Actually all he needs to do is lose some teeth to match Alexi in the kooky post-career persona department…

Didja ever read or watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?

Every pro has Arthur Slugworth whispering into his ear every day of his career. It takes a giant fucking ball of character to resist him.
He doesn’t want your golden ticket- you can’t give away your god-given talent. Slugworth wants your entire being, and goddamn it, so does your team manager, team leader and your fan club.

Dudes who give in to the medicine aren’t Veruca Salt or Mike Teevee. They are Oompa Loompas- faceless caricatures of field hands just trying to get by. United in their sameness, even the most exceptional ones are still drones deep down in their minds.

I’m glad the dude is out there agitating. It’s good for his mind.

Raising a ruckus is good. The words and ideas are outta the bag and no-one can put them back in.

Armstrong, on the other hand, should be an inspiration to aspiring autocrats everywhere.
He’s a BAD man, a total Teflon Don, and a demagogue of most epic proportions. Hist mental strength, drive and purity of vision is really something special. He could just as easily topple a banana republic as strong arm the ASO into jiving on his bullshit lines. Let’s give him a dozen years or so until he finally takes a break for his constructed reality and offs himself in a bathtub. Whatever is happening inside of his head that has allowed him to live his lies so far for so long just possibly can’t be sustainable, knowhaimean?

The battle between all sorts of crazy hardnuts, attention seeking special attorneys and the NIKE p.r. machine is a big fucking popcorn movie that will ultimately lead to a whole bunch of money changing hands outside of the legal system. All kinds of money.

As much as I want to see Armstrong, Weisel and the rest of the USpro mafioso dragged through the streets of Biketown USA, I know that nothing substantive is going to come from any of this shit.
That’s too bad.
I guess.

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