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Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on April 26, 2012

Hi Everybody!
Microblogging/socialmedia/stress/time availability/life has cut down on the attention I can put into the WordPress blog.

I still write a lot(more than I should?)- but only a few morsels at a time.
My attention span is already pretty bad- 120 emails and a 20 phone calls a day+ trying to do things in the physical world, like put bikes in boxes, design bikes for Frank to make or order up parts to put on complete bikes kills my time for writing big blocks, but not my creativity.
Check out the tumblr page, flickr stream Facebook page and twitter feed for fresh content all day, every day.

See ya soon- and keep in touch.


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  1. frank said, on November 30, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    It’s interesting to climb out of the engine room, wipe the oil from my hands and smell the salty air. I see the guns are armed and the throttles are full forward. Carry on lads.

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