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Enjoy the next hour and 5 minutes comrades

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on September 5, 2011

Hey! A Labor Day rant!

ship 100% of my packages USPS,- It’s cheaper and more reliable than my whoopdedoo FeDex business account and offers me feasible 2 day pricing and it’s the only reasonable way to ship bikes and frames internationally.
I can get a frame to Australia foe $100 USPS or $450 through fedex, usps, dhl, etc.
I wouldn’t do any international sales if it wasn’t for the post office…

This is a small city so I know all of the letter carriers and PO staff by name. I love my fedx guy and UPS guy too. One’s a pro mx racer and the other one is a pothead.
Lots of the Postal folks around here have limited mental capacities, ptsd and/or are just plain weird. I’m stoked that they have health insurance and steady pay that keeps them out of the vicious cycle of poverty, a job they can be proud of. The American premise is that we take care of our own, that everyone deserves th right to work an that work is a stable, a place to go to earn your bread.

All the other carriers lean over backward just like the postal guys, but they’ll never be cheaper than USPS for my business… Of course how little I pay and how well they treat their employees is one of the main factors in their current financial woes.
The USPS gives me the flexibility to determine my own pickup, they speed up customs and the provide me with an inexpensive COD service.
Packages are clearly the future of the institution. They’ll need to keep letter carriers on hand indefinitely serve their historic function, delivering mail.
I won’t be surprised if we see an aggressive lobbying campaign backed by the for-profit shipping companies to gut the USPS. I’m sure that’s already happening

Attending labor protests is one of my incidental pasttimes. I was in Madison for a few days and paid lipservice to some ardent youths, I spent a week thinking about bringing some “joe”  to the comrades on the line with my local IBEW(Verizon is across the street from the coffee shop. Bougie!) and once scored some bonus points with a stunning professor by sitting in with the graduate employees student union a few times after class. Whitecollar middle class petit-bourgeois lip-service, one could certainly, must make the claim.
I’ll certainly be out there with my friends when the Postal strikes start to show solidarity- they deserve their fight, and the government must honor their contracts not through caprice but through good-faith negotiation.  That’s what’s worth fighting for, that is the spirit of the labor movement that built this country and it’s the proper way to avoid selling more working men and women to the same firms and ideas that attempted to smother them back in the early 80’s.

Of course we all know in our heart of hearts that the workers will lose their fight to keep things as they are now. I’m cool with that if it keeps my prices and customer service where I need it.  In the end, rebuilding American Industry will take flexibility, maximizing margins and quick delivery times and a skilled, passionate workforce.  If cuts can make the PO more efficient while offering one or two less mail-carriers jobs, that’s cool. They’ll retire them by seniority and guess what? A letter carrier probably has a much bigger pension than you or me. Some nice people will be out on their asses but that’s what “austerity measures are all about.

I  sound like a 10th grade Marxist here but an injury to one really is an injury to all in the labor movement. Many demagogues say to give up the struggle, to lay down and let the pudgy oligarchs smother employees at will.

We’re already seeing how crushy money-rich pseudo-Libertarian jerkoffs are manipulating people from “right-to-work” states into the same sort of sophisticated political masses that once supported the progressive legislation that helped America build and retain it’s industrial might up into the seventies.  The death of American Industry didn’t have a darn thing to do demands for wages and benefits.

Poor political decisions and pure greed destroyed our nation.  Nobody asked The Workers what they thought about foreign policy or globalization or inflation or nuclear superiority…

Time after time you hear the right-wing elite demonize something that they don’t fully understand or bitterly despise, as some sort of barrier to “American Competitiveness”.
The media chooses to portray Labor as a bunch of whiny jerkoffs who don’t live in reality. In reality Labor is snapshot of the disintegrating american middle class distilled into 7% of the workforce.

The landscape of American politics doesn’t resemble the world seen from the picket lines, the stories we hear about the privations of average working families. There is something wrong when the best blue-collar job in town still isn’t enough to keep a family of 4, with a spouse working two full-time jobs warm, safe and fed. These are people with the best benefits in town, most likely with the best paying wages. They live in constant fear, from paycheck to paycheck. Their union dues are not the issue. Non union workers, especially people of color have it much worse in many cases.

I would hope that the population at large can understand the difference between eliminating and restructuring jobs in a fading industry(the USPS) and sticking a knife in the gut of teachers and municipal employees. If the schools received appropriate funding it would be a whole lot more likely that citizens would have the appropriate mental faculties to analyze the world around them.

Postal employees probably don’t face the prospect of the heat getting turned off, that’s not the point- the last gasp of labor is a fight against Precedent. Depressing.

With the ever-widening wealth gap and the increased criminalization of poverty you have to assume that working class might finally express their rage in convergence with all the 20 something college grads who are unemployed, a little high and angry into a new, angry and organised human mass. This is a familiar sounding formula to the international social upheaval as of late it will happen here when people stop watching with “America’s Top” anything in the name.
Activists, unions and dissidents need to access to some sort of power to be effective. This power is going to have come via massing bodies together behind the barricades in acts of civil disobedience and mischief.  Hackers are doing a hell of a job defending electronic freedom but without significant quantities of  money the dissidents won’t have access to the media or government. Freedom, Liberty and Justice For Some, For Millionaires- It’s the law now, money=speech.  Yikes.  The security apparatus could kill any of us with a drone at any time. The Constitution is stacked against dissidents at every corner…  Of course surface mail is harder to track than electronic communications.
Whatever the hell happens in the next  3 years, 10 years, 20 years, the Postal Service is going to be there in some capacity delivering free speech and contraband from one location to another.

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  1. Motorbike Transport said, on June 26, 2013 at 11:29 am

    I would wish that the inhabitants at huge can comprehend the distinction between removing and reorientating tasks in a diminishing industry(the USPS) and adhering a blade in the gut of instructors and public workers. If the educational institutions obtained appropriate financing it would be a whole lot more likely that people would have the appropriate psychological ability to evaluate the globe around them.

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