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This WAS Friday night’s blog post.

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on May 23, 2011

I wrote this Friday night.  Then I slept and rode my bike all weekend.

A lot of things have happened in the World of Scandal in the last few days, but who gives a fuck,  this spiel is worth sharing.

Unless you don’t ride bikes you know some pretty wild stuff is unfolding right now.  Lots of us, who have been following US bike racing as long as one can follow bike racing have known for a very long time about all of the dickheaded malfeasance that has happened over the last 30 years.  It’ll all come out sooner rather than later.   Little bits of leaked info can push me over the edge into radical self-absorbed  punditry and thus;

My mom has a huge fucking crush on Hincapie. All I ever hear about every year after she goes to USpro or Bowater or Tour Of Georgia is George-y this, George-y that.

My mom has known since I was 13 that many, if not the majority of successful international bike racers are on ” a pretty serious program”. I was at the dinner table when John Howard told her so, dreaming of my own hypo/hyperbaric chamber.

She still doesn’t care. She just likes the big gams- the wasted promise from nearly a decade of subservience under Texas Rules bike racing and the elegance, courage and absolutely steadfast resilience and poise that the man has always possessed on a bike.
She likes the history of the family- the CRCA roots. She’s into Mengoni as a star maker and she’s read Hearts of Lions- she understands the historical importance of NY/NJ in the USCF via the typical(yet scorned) Les Earnest tinfoil hat conspiracy and shady, smoky back room 6-Day dealing that used to happen in Queens and still happens in Ghent.
She like(s) Eliot Spitzer too, even though she knows better.

She called me a few hours ago to vent- not about the news, but about the Lanceoids on Velonews. She’s glad she’s out of school for the summer so that she doesn’t have to listen to knee-jerk-normal “cancer haters” babble inanely about their disappointment with Beautiful Humans in a sport they know less about than figure skating.
She never believed Tyler. She felt bad for Floyd- she prays for Cadel and Hesjedal to turn up non-negative. Essentially she likes and understands bike racing.

Americans are going to hear a lot about our sport- and a whole lot of them are going to get turned onto the intrigue, drama and beauty of the whole package- not just embroidered polo shirts and 20 year old soundbites from rich white guys in their 60’s. Our sport is so much more than Lance, and right now, in this moment in history where our definitive national narrative has become lateral, not linear, and the terms of engagment are being dictated by the people who don’t hate our freedom, but instead love it, a culture war were even the NYTimes is hiding behind a pay wall to ward off the nascent techno(demo)cratic liberatory revolutionaries at the gate
Power has started to slip through fingers, she’s surrounded by raving rich white guys- some of them carry guns and the others just carry golf clubs and most of them are so chock full of ignorance, hate and patent leather that they need their own clubs to keep the rest of us safe. In some ways she’s looking for a Candelario-esque truth- the Schuler behind the curtain, Mike Plant say no more 7-eleven truth hidden behind holding companies and multiple url’s. The put on.
All of this “scandal” is the same old scandal.
Scandal is democracy, in that democracy(in America) consist mostly of which channel you turn to and who you believe.

That the world has started unraveling in accordance with my plans struck with me when WikiLeaks and Floyd started pissing people off at the same time hasn’t escaped me. The Libyan revolution started when I was driving a truck to TX full of Handmade bikes- I heard about it on the radio around dawn in the Port of NJ, glimmering inter-modal cranes and all. An auspicious beginning to a journey straight through the aorta of importation and mechanistic profit percolation into an island of love in the middle of the worst.

Geopolitically and domestically things continue to unravel. I’ve been holding my hopes for freedom, a more liberatory dominant ideology and a major sea-change in the media agenda close to my chest, or at least as close as a jibber-jabbererer like myself can.

This shit is about to be on every channel!
No one will look away!

God Bless- and have a good night.


Skeletors- Nearly here and almost gone!

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on May 9, 2011

TIME IS RUNNING OUT if you want a Spooky Skeletor in 2011;

Skeletor Frames will start shipping around the middle of next week for customers who haven’t thrown down deposits yet and some sizes are nearly sold out.


-We are down to 5 black ano frames in 54cm. 60% of everyone out there, take notice. There are 2 teal and and 3 gray frames left.

-There is 1(ONE) 56cm Skeletor left in black, 2 in teal and 2 in gray that are currently unspoken for.

You might want to start digging for change…


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