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Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on April 8, 2011

Money Day!


We have for you today a few Veraciously Desired cycling garments that have, in classic Spooky fashion, been unearthed from a stupid location:

Spooky team gear. It’s pretty gnarly.
Rendered artfully by Sfatto, this stuff looks damn good on camera.

With it’s bold design, this groovy gear allows you to explore the limits of cultural authenticity, yet it’s red, white and blue motif implies personal conceptions of patriotism and grace, a good thing in our rapidly closing society.

You’ will be more comfortable pedaling your way through hostile environments in many ways.

If you want some more of this Crazy Fresh Gear hit up http://sbox.spookybikes.com/catalog/1 and start clicking buttons.
We’ve got a rolling pre-order going for this stuff. It should work pretty swell. You’ll get this stuff in the mail 8 weeks after 15 pieces sell so the quicker you act the sooner you can become part of the Vanguard .


___DH jersey____
– Only ONE super rad XL or L, depending on how you roll.

You need to size up these with armor. They’re cut extra trim to shave tents of seconds on your race run. The fabric is so good that they just so happen to be excellent for general bicycling.
I’d say in the real world this is a LARGE, basically.

___ Race Short_____
If you can fit into this stuff without looking pudgy, you’ve earned it.

Bike shorts are real fancy these days. 20 years ago sewing a hunk of rodent into your shorts were common. Those things were slimy, a little gross and wicked fucking creepy and they didn’t fit for shit.

These are everything those tricked out trousers couldn’t be. For one thing, they don’t need maintenance. Shorts today are devine. Compared to high end shorts from 20 years ago you don’t end up with bruises and lacerations on your taint after 5 hours full throttle brain-numb smashing. Another thing- they’re comparatively cheap. No one really needs $200 bib shorts. It’s actually offensive that they exist a straight up challenge to human dignity. No thanks.

You’ll probably get a year and a half out of these shorts if you ride the hell out of them.
-Team Short-

All items are $70 shipped.

The shorts may be luxe but the jersey is a stunner too.

_Race Jersey_
3 pocket, full zipper, race cut. Proper weight fabric. Buy two undershirts from Defeet and you’re covered from 45 to 90 degrees.
-You can reach the pockets well in the drops.
-People with real arms won’t need to snip cuffs.
-Thermoregulation is wicked important in a garment like this and the full zip and medium weight fabric make that simpler.

– Cut high in the back to avoid the dreaded “jersey gap”, decent mesh panels on the straps for ventilation.


_Pink and White Unicorn Shorts_

These are pretty subdued looking, classy shorts.

The pink and gray flavor vibes off a certain form of sartorial sentiment that just screams out “I upgraded my skewers and I used to read Thrasher”.
Is that you?

One Pair, SMALL.


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