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Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 28, 2011

I’ve been subtly (or not-so-) keying people in to the fact that we are fully cocked, locked and ready to fire off custom bikes in a staccato bang-bang-type procession.

Besides the production batch of Skeletors we are building for delivery this spring, Made-to-Measure is going to be our main M.O. this season; that is, unless we get enough interest going for a production batch of something else…(preferably some Slalom/4x/Dirtjump bikes?).

We’ll be at NAHBS– in classic last-minute-econo Spooky style, pimping the wares and reporting in the Most Professional Manner for Stevil over at All Hail The Blackmarket.

Because I’m a frustrated liberal-arts graduate, I think I might actually be more excited about the writing and traveling part of the show than its attendant theoretical and philosophical punditry and pondering what makes one great bike greater than another.

Checking out and showing off cool bikes will be fun too.   Honestly, everyone at NAHBS makes supergood bikes.  The intangible magic of all of these solitary builders and small frame companies is what keeps the whole US-made game rolling.

I promise to turn up, feel ’em up and generally explore the gum stuck to the undersides of their tables.

Don’t wait until late February if you are interested in commissioning a shiny-show-off made-to-measure bitchin’ velocipede we can hang in our booth and then ship to you.  Bug us now, especially for those 29’ers, singlespeeds, slalom bikes and all of that nifty shit we think we can make better than everyone else.

It’s an understatement to say that our current capacity to build totally awesome bikes in a few weeks at reasonable prices is a thrilling relief.

The credo around here has always been “Undercaptialized Since Day One”;

We’re preternaturally  and perpetually broke.  Even in the previous incarnation of the company that crumpled my adolescent dreams into one spit-ball of awe and terror, things were always teetering between implosion and explosion.  There is most definitely a reason that Kevin, one of the founders of Spooky in the days of Straight-Edge fax-machine-zines  and Dave Fuckin Cullinan sent me the drawings for some t-shirts, along with the keys to get the company going again.Undercapitalized since 1992

The reason: numbers don’t lie.  I got into bikes when I was 12.  I knew by 13 that  “astronaut” wasn’t the profession for me.  I knew by 15 what it was like behind the curtain of a punk-owned-and-operated bike company.  It seemed just as thrilling as space flight, but without the taste of Tang and smell of diapers.

Suffice it to say, I had fair warning going into this enterprise just how hairy things are in this game, and just how rigged the economic deck is when you start out in the hole.

[insert seamless transition here]


I love driving big distances in big trucks full of nice bikes.  I misspent my high school years doing it in the mountainbikecircus.   My longest-standing friendships were made in ski-area parking lots in the middle of the summer.  Unfortunately, driving to sweet places in big trucks is going nowhere these days.

Successful moneymaking schemes haven’t proven to be my forte over the the last few years, but the most recent one isn’t half bad.

I’m renting a truck and hauling sweet bikes to Austin for some of the coolest little bike companies in America, all of which happen to hail from our fine Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We’ve got pert near a month until the show starts, we’re not fully done with any of the bikes yet, and still they’re gonna be sparkly and ready fer the truck by leavin’ time.

Because I’m not the guy who actually builds the bikes(we’ve got a great guy named Frank who takes up the slack in that department), it’s my job to entertain y’all, or “Create Content,” as they say in the boardrooms.

I’m going to do my best to deprive myself of enough sleep to keep y’all entertained.

There is a great literary tradition of the road novel that I’ll butcher, bread, and fry up to a crisp over these next few weeks.  It’s gonna be fucking messy writing, meme references, a lot of plugs, promotions and hell raising.  If you have a smaller- or larger-than-average size torso, you can and should go buy some t-shirts!  They’re cheap.  If you have now-hankering and future-money, put your name and money down for a new production bike, or even better, a new custom bike.   Otherwise I’ll have to beg.

See ya on Monday!



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  1. Jerome K said, on February 1, 2011 at 9:33 am

    A 4X bike would be killer!!

  2. Mickey/SpookyBikes said, on February 1, 2011 at 11:01 am

    I’d sure like to make a couple…
    I’m forecasting that we might be able to make a few semi-production ones right after the snow melts up here in the Northeast. Late April maybe…

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