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Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 28, 2011

I’ve been subtly (or not-so-) keying people in to the fact that we are fully cocked, locked and ready to fire off custom bikes in a staccato bang-bang-type procession.

Besides the production batch of Skeletors we are building for delivery this spring, Made-to-Measure is going to be our main M.O. this season; that is, unless we get enough interest going for a production batch of something else…(preferably some Slalom/4x/Dirtjump bikes?).

We’ll be at NAHBS– in classic last-minute-econo Spooky style, pimping the wares and reporting in the Most Professional Manner for Stevil over at All Hail The Blackmarket.

Because I’m a frustrated liberal-arts graduate, I think I might actually be more excited about the writing and traveling part of the show than its attendant theoretical and philosophical punditry and pondering what makes one great bike greater than another.

Checking out and showing off cool bikes will be fun too.   Honestly, everyone at NAHBS makes supergood bikes.  The intangible magic of all of these solitary builders and small frame companies is what keeps the whole US-made game rolling.

I promise to turn up, feel ’em up and generally explore the gum stuck to the undersides of their tables.

Don’t wait until late February if you are interested in commissioning a shiny-show-off made-to-measure bitchin’ velocipede we can hang in our booth and then ship to you.  Bug us now, especially for those 29’ers, singlespeeds, slalom bikes and all of that nifty shit we think we can make better than everyone else.

It’s an understatement to say that our current capacity to build totally awesome bikes in a few weeks at reasonable prices is a thrilling relief.

The credo around here has always been “Undercaptialized Since Day One”;


This isn’t Friday’s blog post

Posted in Random, Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 27, 2011

I’m not sorry we covered your gold-plated tour bus with Spooky stickers that one time. Not one bit. Someone had to show you a proper East Coast welcome with your shiny pinstriped forearms and Budweiser grin.

Palmer at 97 worldsWhen I was 16 I HATED Shaun Palmer for “ruining” mountainbiking with his poor attitude, shitty fitness, perceived misogyny, and baggy pants.

I was jealous of him and Vories for bogarting all of the chicks, among other things.
I suppose I was a grade A hater, XC weenie and most definitely a Straight-Edge fascist who knew as much about having fun as I did about John Coltrane– The word Ecstatic meant nothing to me.
At the age of 30 I’m building grass Slalom tracks, drinking beer between runs and wearing the same pair of Zoo-York jeans and red hightop Half-Cabs that I bought from Dans comp in 1998 after seeing the Malcolm Fearon picture of him on the cover of Dirt#7.
These revelations make me;
1. Wistful
2. Pissed
3. Fucking Stoked
4. A poseur


KITT-sans ’82 TransAm

Posted in Clothing, Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 23, 2011

We’ve got a few frames that we were holding on for team riders for 2011 that we no longer need.

AND We have some clothing:

For the unicorn stuff we have;

1 small kit
1 pair of small bibs.

In the team clothing we have;

One team jersey in small

2 pair of team bibs in medium, one pair in large.

$75 a piece for this stuff

What we have for frames:
1x Large Darkside in black ano.

1x 545 Supertouch CX frame in green ano.

1x 535 Supetouch in raw

1×535 Supertouch in green
Any of these things can be yours for the reasonable sum of $820

CX geo

Skeletor Geo

18″ center to top st
22.8″ tt
12″ bb height
71/73 angles
16.7″ stays
4.9″ headtube

19.5″ center to top st
23.4″ tt
12″ bb height
71/73 angles
16.7″ stays
5.3″ headtube

What pearl white looks like:

Because of time issues and concerns about delivery I’d rather sell these as frames instead of completes.

Interested parties should hit me up-


A change will do you good.

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 21, 2011

The Floyd haters just don’t get it man.

Anyone who knew him before all of the USPS provided dope and concomitant greed made him go fucking crazy can attest to the fact that he was a friendly fucking animal that …batted around other East Coast mtb pros like a tiger kitten playing with rats.


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