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Another Rock and Roll Christmas: Bikes! new ones.

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on December 13, 2010

spookytshirtsaleI must be getting old, but I’m digging on Christmas music this year.  I don’t believe in God per se, I don’t believe in Santa, but I do believe in mirth.   Lots of Mirth.  And Bikes.

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‘Tis the (pre)season

It’s a Season, for sure, but it’s not about presents.  A time of light, a time of birth, a time of redemption, giving, friends, thanks and hope.

Bikes.  New ones in aluminum and steel.  Preseason Skeletor pre-orders, post haste.  Emerging info about stock and custom steel — all forthcoming.

New website, new bikes- fresh direction and a neutral balance sheet.   A Holiday Miracle.

My oldest seasonal rituals center around bikes.

It’s been years since this time of year has made my stomach feel as fluffy and acrid as it does right now.  That’s good.  The “racer” switch has been flipped.  I’m in no shape to call myself a bike racer again yet.   There are lots of work-related butterflies too.  Finish the website, secure the team orders, finish design and quote out bikes in aluminum, steel and Ti with and without suspension.  Figure out a way to keep the lights on, market, serve, write up the spec sheets and order info for the new bikes we are ready to start on….

I’m going to take Ronnie James’s tiding of comfort and joy seriously this year.  Harden the fuck up.  Stick to a plan.  Talk smack and back it up.  I’m gonna fill a stocking with awesome to be doled out throughout the year.

If you look one post down you’ll see that I said that the website was going to be up today, and it is, we just won’t let you see it yet.

Staying up until 6am coding and illustrating helps one get shit done, but it does dull the edge on one’s sparkling intellect.    Sometimes one needs to knock the edge off, though, so one doesn’t get all hung up.

We’re right on the cusp…   

I might have the time, money and motivation to start racing again.  That is a light of hope that the north star is shining down on me.

It might be another year like the last 3 — mountains of stress, bank account constantly in the red and abject despair over spindly legs and flabby guts leading to sad-sack inaction and a one-way ticket to loserville and keyboard time.

Right now 2 weeks on the bike gets me to the point where I can battle for some crit primes and finish toward the back of the pack in Cat1 XC races without having to breathe hard.   That sounds impressive, but it’s not.  Dozens of years racing bikes has left me with lots of residual fitness and a whole bag of tactics and dirty tricks that let me coast and loaf during races.

Every year for the last 6 years I’ve gotten a twitch in my legs come September.  It turns into a full-on nervous tic by December.  There is some sort of smell in the air, that sort of smells like ozone, that flicks a switch.  The long flat beams of light through the office window are torture.

The phrase “Two Weeks” is a sort of sad axiom that succinctly describes the woe of this loose-knit collection of deadbeats and assholes that we call the bike industry.   It’s become a meme that represents bullshit.  The boat with your parts is two weeks out from Taiwan.  We’ll have the final quotes from our suppliers in about two weeks.   Your frame will be ready to ship in two weeks.  People are broke and overworked in this business, but we bust our asses at these kinda-shitty jobs for the love and passion we all share for bicycles.

I don’t know how we all got so behind in this industry; well, I do, or at least I suspect.  Two Weeks is just about how long it takes for a container ship to sail from China to the LBC where 95% of the bikes sold in America make landfall.   1 person works a job that would take 3 people in the mainstream part of the durable goods industry.  There isn’t much margin.  All leverage poses a pretty terrifying actuarial risk unless it’s at a scale that creates a real chilling effect on entrepreneurial thinking and reduces a company’s ability to work on the small scale, compromising their original vision.

Things have been at Two Weeks here for a long time.  Not because we are sitting on our asses waiting for stuff from China, but because we’ve always been broke as a joke and never had a reliable way to make bikes or ship ’em out the door.  We’ve(I’ve) never had the resources to carry out the grandiose plans and ambitious projects that I try to hold up by threads.   Most every facet of the company has suffered from this dissipation.

The website is about 32 weeks late from the original timeline, so we’re getting caught up.

We’re now a Week Behind, if you dig what I’m saying.   That’s pretty good for the bike business.

Off-season.  I don’t even have a season any more, but I always get more motivated to ride in the offseason, and this down year has been a sort of off-season too.  A pretty brutal one with a few metaphorical motorcycle crashes.


All I want for Christmas is to live in the here and now and not Two Weeks Behind.

I’ve been good.


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