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Out with the Old.

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on September 10, 2009


As Summer slams the door on us cx season comes to the fore…   Perhaps even more importantly the Eastern Collegiate mtb races start.   That means one thing (at least to me) Dual Slalom.   I may not be in college right now, but it really doesn’t matter.   I’ll cut off my nose to race DS this fall, but luckily, I don’t have to.   Collegiate races have “alumni” classes…   And Slalom bikes can be FreeRaced anywhere with grass, dirt, or a hill in general.

Jihad: An internal struggle for perfection against evil.

Gated racing on mountainbikes is more than just fun, more than just important, more than a good way to see the highways and backways of New England…   It is more than just a lifestyle, a market niche or a way to make a quick buck.

I’m starting to realize it’s my life, and my life blood.  Friends, bikes, speed and the Edge…   Dual Slalom and Loud rock and Roll.   The only things that will save us all from a life full of boredom, toil and abject sadness caused by the cancer on MTB racing that is 4x, and the bete noir of real life, “Reality” marketing in all it’s shitty forms.

What’s the realest is the things you feel on the inside, and even more so, the pressures that drive out impurities in our minds and bodies.

Game ON.




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