spooky bikes

Taste is entirely subjective…

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on July 28, 2009

So um yeah… Spooky branded chinesee made fixed gear frames (aluminum, aero tubes, and chaingude mounts) are on a boat somewhere.. to go along with our china-made dirtjump frames…

Do you kids sense a trend here?

Guess what does make money, and we make it here?   Road bikes, XC bikes, Cross bikes, commuting bikes even bmx bikes…

Livestrong bracelets, reality television, fixed gear freestyling and street/DJ mountainbikes are all part and parcel of the same problem..

Guts…   Profit…

Shit, I don’t know any more…   These Nazi  movies continue to confuse me…

Why can I buy this machine (or Eight) 8 of these machines for the price of one high-end Chinese made road frame/fork….   This machine is worth more as SCRAP than it is as a tool.   There are likely 3-4 states that don’t even have an electrical outlet I could plug this machine into…    But I can buy a sweet RC car for $120 at Radioshack anytime I want to!


Again, at $550 with a raft of Cat50 collets I bought this at less than it’s scrap value?   Has the whole world gone mad with the pursuit of Beauty(an entirely subjective construct)?

At one point (~60 years ago) the US government thought this machine important enough to buy it, and keep it in a warehouse, unused in preperation from a drawn-out Total War…

It’s a confusing time to be alive.

Thank goodness for trans-pacific Indie rock music covers and Passadena, CA.


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