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It’s coming.


Shit Get’s real

Posted in Random by Mickey/SpookyBikes on May 21, 2009


That’s how I felt yesterday.

That’s how I still feel today.

Steve was a great guy with a heart and passion much bigger than his common sense.

If he had been Italian, he would’ve been a superstar. Since he was American, he got shunned and punted.

I know a lot of guys my age (28) had pictures of him taped on the wall… In our lockers, on our stems, inside our notebooks.

Angry as hell about bureaucracy and ripping legs off. I hope this is how he is remembered.

From a VN update
“Mike Larsen([i]brother[/i]), an amateur bike racer, said the last time he saw his younger brother was during a weekend club training ride. “His last words to me were, ‘Pull through, you expletive-expletive,'” he said with a laugh. “That’s when our relationship was strongest, when we were out doing things like that.”

Steve was a TOTAL dick on the bike, and a consummate pro and incredibly decent human off of it. Once again, I think that is exactly how he wanted to be remembered.

Steve was incredibly important in supporting and developing a huge proportion of the Pro XC and road racers in this country today, and is still one model for the ultimate professional. He served his sponsors incredibly well, and elicited real reactions from both his fans and reactors.

Racing, and racing alone is when Steve Larsen was truly alive, and American bike racing lost one of our true heroes yesterday.

I will miss the hell out of him.

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