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Giving credit where credit is due

Posted in Illiterate by Mickey/SpookyBikes on January 8, 2009

get it rightAmerican cycling sources we ask something big of you……do a better job covering our legit cyclocross riders. We aren’t talking about coverage of one rider who can’t manage to pee in a cup. We are talking about the guys who line up week after week doing battle with the Euros and doing an extremely respectable job. Maybe that’s it, you don’t respect these guys. That’s alright, no one respects you either.When you think you’re going to publish something respectable, do yourself a favor, cover one person who is respectable. Not just respectable because he’s a bike drivin machine, but because he is actually a respectable person who does good things for those around him and in his community. Start showing Jeremy Powers the respect he’s EARNED. And a good start would be to correctly identify him at races.

(Filed from the Sickbed of Jamie Pair, where he has nothing better to do than Mancrush on Jeremy Powers. And email everyone stories about his, firm, solid stools) (Also Driscoll, Duggan, Tim J, Manny and all the other NE powerhouses in yurrup right now, you all rule too.))


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