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Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on October 27, 2008


I’m so damn tired and sore from doing my first CX race in too many years,
that I decided today that all decisions for the rest of the month will be
made by Magic 8 Ball….

The ball mentioned that I should put up some retail pricing, so here it is in all it’s glory


The BALL also mentioned that having so many damn XC race bikes is SUPER confusing, so now, we pretty much are only talking about our super awesome light as hell, faster than purgatory and purer than non-syphilitic-prophylactic-enhanced-super-mumbo-jumbo-used-to-be-called-the Junebug DARKSIDE.   Yes, that’s right, the bike that was already really awesome but had a sissy sounding name is now the Darkside.   Woop-teee-da-daa!

If you want a custom alumium mtb or road frame (or a steel alu or road or allroad or multi-track bump-hump velocipede) well, we’ll build one starting at $1400.   But how many of you out there are really special enough to need, deserve or want something like that?

The Ball also decided that if we were going to get any bikes into the UK, we were going to have to sell them directly to consumers over there ourselves.   Making bikes in the U S and A is not a cheap affair, and even living in cold dark rooms and eating pot-noodle we still can’t do it cheap enough to create margins for everyone needed to sell bikes in Blighty through 3 levels of markup.

Heed this, Britishers, as a shot across your bow.   Our bikes are better than anything you can buy over there, so come and get ’em.   It only takes 3 days for frames to reach your shore…   What happens from there is up to H.M. QEII and all that.   That goes for clothing too.

The Ball has also henceforth decreed that Supertouch frames will be in next week in Green and Black Ano.   Good bikes gone great, but not large!   Only the potential fun to be had on these is large, and the weight upon your soul for not owning one forthwith should be heavy.

Other heavy, large and impressive facts;

Justin Finn (nee UMass) now of both University of Oregon and Spooky Bikes fame, has just this past weekend, piloted bicycles to dual fourth place finishes at the Collegiate MTB Championships of America.    While not quite as impressive as just missing the podium at the Special Olympics, we wish to emote our severest condolences to Justin for an Epic Case of Podium Blueballs.

Other lovable (and loved by Spooky) underachievers of note these past days include Alec Donahue, who was too intimidated by children to do anything but finish 2nd in MTB race Sunday morning, and then found the WILL TO LIVE inside himself to go race his pretty darn sweet Redline for the Joes Garage/Bikereg.com ‘cross team, a few hours later, to another highly heckle-able 2nd place finish.

THE Jeremy Powers is currently #5 in the world at our favorite bike game, Cyclocross, and rides an Aluminum frame made in the USA, and just happens to live within shouting distance of our shop, with some of our team riders….   Sure, we have nothing to do with his Cannondale, or his fitness, but obviously, being around some freaking legitimate bike drivers who take fun anywhere it ain’t bolted down is really the #1 reason behind the sudden and overpowering might of Jpows.com.

I am going to be the last person to call Jeremy out for skipping the dear local UCI double cx weekend that is looming at the end of the weak like a hangman with a quiver of whip-its, as we all know he will be in Boulder so he can lord down upon man and beast, for he seeks to be the number one on the land, the sea and beneath the earth.  All who stand before him are chattel, and it is fortetold in prophecy that his mighty calves shall vanquish all frite-eaters who dare challenge him when the day of reckoning comes in the old world.

And with that, the ball has demanded that I end this transmission.


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  1. Rumblestillskins said, on October 28, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Oregon Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate University

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