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Another season, more bike racers…

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on October 21, 2008


We all know winning isn’t everything……

So that’s why we have a team.   Fraternity Soirées were never so muddy (well, what would I know about that, exactly?   I mean I saw Animal House that time, and I don’t think they had mud wrestling… Dukes of Hazard on the other hand, oh wait…)    Supporting a full cx team, Richard Sachs style was never the intention…   We just wanted to get some people together to race some of our bikes.    I mean, we make CX bikes in 3 sizes, and there are dozens of races every weekend, so clearly, It is impossible to be at all of them personally…


Above; Richie of Sfatto Clothing/AVbikes/Pimpstatus and my mom stare each other down

Bike racing has always been a family affair for Spooky.   When I (Mickey) was but a wee little grom, we always talked about the “Spooky Family”, and now more than a decade later, we still do, from the OG Metalhead Fabrications crew still kicking it down in Westchester and Putnam County, to the kids we have racing for us today, we have always forgotten to put the bottom line ahead of supporting our scene…


above right; Oscar Clark- Winner (despite the fact he hangs out with Jamie and Richie)

When people win bike races, or hell, even finish them, we are pretty satisified…

With that amotivational disclaimer out of the way, we are pretty darn chuffed to post pictures of the folks who are offically driving bikes fast for Spooky this ‘cross season….

More to come, as evidence trickles in from the hinterlands…


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