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Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on October 20, 2008

With the insane blur of the month of September firmly behind us, Supertouch ‘cross frames are finally being disseminated in serious numbers.    And these numbers are serious…

My personal bike is above…   With a not all that light (except for the RED bits obviously) build it’s 16.5 pounds of ultimate brutality…   To the rest of the field.    Our silly sweet “leg-o’mutton” tube set is richer than the Euphrates River valley.   Just enough manipulation to make the bike magic, and not enough to make it full of useless adornment, hype, buzzwords, marketing features and all that other crap that most bike companies fill my mind with every time I take a bathroom break…

The whitepapers on these scalpels are fairly sano…  1240-1300 grams depending on size( ie, only frames 3x more expensive are lighter), stiff enough (not too stiff mind you, but this ain’t no early 90’s Alan, don’t fret), strong enough to last the rest of your ‘cross carrer, and available in 3 sizes to fit most riders…

TT’s are 53.5, 54.5 and 56mm,   BB’s are low enough to corner well, and high enough to make things like getting sweet air over the 40’s a frikkin breeze.   Seatubes and toptubes are as far apart from headtubes and downtubes as we can make them, for super duper shoulder clearance…   The head tubes are as short as possible for that new-school on the hoods riding style all the youngsters are into..

The bike fits cross tires swell, and if you ask us to, we’ll stick in some rivnuts for bottle cages and fenders for winter commute and touring action…

Alas, purple ano, like you see above won’t be available for mortals, we have frames available right now in raw, or powdercoat (like almost any color, to match your IPOD, omg interenets roxxxors 111!!!), and will have black ano and green ano available in a few days or so.

We designed the bike around the super duper awesome Edge Composites ‘cross fork, but some lesser weaksauce fork can be substituted if you are married or responsible (or maybe even just want to, right now, in the meat of the season upgrade your tired, cracked out old heap into a super-sex gigglefactory)…

Retail on these whozits is just about $850 for a frame, and $1300 with a fork.   And we most certainly can handle the buildkit on these….

All that from the most successful zipcode in Cyclocross, 01027.


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