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Leather Rebel, With a Burning Heart

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on September 17, 2008

The day of reckoning has come…

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It’s thrusday at 8:00 pm.   In Massachusetts;

Those effite jerkoffs at Google think I must be some kind of travelled man;
why stop at vegasThey invite you me all over the Northern Americas and the surrounding thirdworld and underdeveloped nations

I’m a man on the go
in a van that salutes my desire to escape.

Neither me nor the van are in prison now but even in the desert you can feel the walls laden with pressure sensors and trip wires going up around you.

I need to be in Las Vegas pretty soonish to see some people about well, bikes and stuff.I also need to bring some bikes with me, for customers, friends and the like. I’m driving the Corporate Van (a rust heap of an ex-prison van).   It’s a diesel, so the milage is swell.   The brakes work in dry conditions, and I figure, heck, those Hurricanes are soooo last week…   I wish that amazing Chevy was ours as well.  I offered 3 pounds of Danzigs favorite black forest cake, and still, those freaking metalheads wouldn’t give in.  That things a gasser, but look, it has AC!I’ve been training hard for this dark, epic, BLACK METAL!!! journey.  If I missed you call around 10am EST on Monday, it’s because I was frolicking with goats in Ashfield.Between the hammer and the anvil, and spilling blood in SACRIFICE!!  bikes have been built, at least for customers;

Special friend of Spooky (and vegas floorspace haver?) Ken sent over some pictures of his trusty commuter in the wild environs of NYC;

Kenny’s bike is pretty dark and epic, like a Metallica album, maybe.   What a sissy.    At least it’s black.   Blacker and more wicked than clown souls maybe, but that shit ain’t metal, know whaimean?.

Where can I take inspiration for this EPIC, EPOCH, EPOC feat of Diesel-Fueled endurance?

as Mr Rob Halford said back in 1990;

“Running wild and free
No-one dares to stand before me
Thats my destiny
To rule the darkest hours.”

Of course, that’s a cheesy song about a fictional messiah, and I don’t mean Halford

Rob is the fucking man.

Rob Halford has more Awesome in his tea drinking pinky than 99% of the bike industry. Atom Goren, on the other hand is 100% more awesome than 99% of everyone, everywhere.


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