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Are you ready?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on August 26, 2008

for ‘cross season?

Historically, the biggest blunder this company made back in the nineties were our Supertouch Cross frames. From day one, they were a horror-show. Everything bad that could have happened in the production process happened. I think a rack even fell on them. Eventually a year after we thought they’d be done, they were done. A mere 16 frames, in 3 sizes, either black, or battleship grey. I had two of them, and each one, may have been cursed. People riding these things got hit by trucks for christ’s sake.

Like the virus that cyclocross is, we are making ‘cross bikes. And they’ll be late, but late as in the end of September, not next October.

And they will be swell. 3 sizes (55, 56 and 58 tt lengths), with very very light, very strong, stupidly smooth riding Spooky designed 6061 aluminum tubesets, welded heatreated, aligned and anodized to perfection by the ISO certified bike chefs at Sapa. The 52tt frame will come in right around 1240 grams, which is pretty darn light, especially when we pare them up with the 450gram Edge fork.

Purple, Black and Green ano will all be available, as well as powdercoat options. And complete bikes, specced for full-on racing, or full-on living off the grid. We will be ready to start racing these guys in a few weeks, and shipping them after that darn bike show out in Vegas….

We are only making a few of these things, so get in touch sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah… Clothes are here. Richie down at AVX bikes in Atlanta (the dude who sourced them… He’s good) even used them to get 10th in the Fools Gold 50 last weekend. I used them to inflame my left knee!

And Rosy, the designer, used them to get awesome!


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