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Personality Crisis you got it while it was hot…

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on December 6, 2007

J.Pair penned this ditty the other night. I couldn’t say it better myself…

Envision being 14 years old again, for most of us this was possibly the hardest bit to get through. Almost all of us at this age were completely awkward, dealing with a flood of mixed emotions being encountered for the first time. How did you deal with the things going on in your life at 14?

The main emotion in my life at that point was anger, for some reason everything else I dealt with on a day to day basis was easy. This was probably the case for most of my peers and most of you reading this. None of us truly knew how to deal with this emotion, and to this day for all of us it is still very tough to handle. Some of us truly never grasped how to deal with it or are so blinded by anger that we’re never able to step back and realize what is causing the problem.

I could go into great lengths about the cause of my anger as a teenager, but I won’t, I could write a book on it really. Once again, think back to that time, what really got under your skin? How did you deal with it then verses how you would deal with it now? Are the methods different? If they are, what changed how you dealt with your problems?

Figuring all this out for yourself is hard, many people try turning to all sorts of methods to deal with these problems. Some are constructive means and some are, well the complete opposite. Most of my peers turned to drugs or alcohol to solve their problems, most of these same peers still relay on the same methods to cope. Which I thought then as I do now isn’t an effective means to solving anything, and let us be honest here, it really doesn’t. I could care less what you choose to do consumption wise, but masking your problems through consumption just does not work. Why there are not enough of these kids turned to writing, forming something with their bare hands, transforming that energy baffles me.

I choose to turn my energy into what many would consider constructive efforts, sports. This in my eyes was a constructive method but extremely destructive at the same time.

constructive destruction??

For years I played baseball, and wasn’t that bad at it, but really my world turned upside down when my dad and step-mom gave me a bike for my 10th birthday. Little did I know this was one of the best gifts that would ever be given to me, cursing me forever.

Cycling was my drug of choice. Something as simple as throwing my legs over the saddle and ripping around for as long as I wanted to escape reality was my attempt to deal with my anger. It seems simple because it is and it was effective. Guess what, it still is.

At what point does this change and you learn to cope with anger or emotions without the aid of an outside source? Somewhere along the line this happened with me, to be honest, I’m not entirely positive where, but it did. There’s not much that just really eats at me anymore and riding my bike is much more enjoyable for me because of that. This could go on forever, it sounds like I’m ranting, and to a certain extent I am. Certain conversations and actions made me realize this, I’m just not an angry person anymore, that was comforting, and I’m writing this hoping some one who reads this stops and truly thinks about what their outlets are and how to settle into their own skin. Because that is a comfortable place to be.



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