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On Darkness, The Cold and Cumulative Fatigue.

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 27, 2007

I am fueled by passion, coffee, stress and stimulant medication , in no particular order.

When the weather is beautiful and life is easy this yields exemplary results.

When it is dark before lunch, colder than Munich ’97, and I’ve been working non-stop under the same conditions for weeks the old winter dread starts to crawl up my spine and all of a sudden, writing, drawing and “engineering” crap starts to occupy the riding portions of my mind.

In normal folk, dissociative states occur solely during the sleep process, in my life these states seem to occur for the 12 to 15 contiguous hours every day that I focus on Spooky.

Just like Alcoholism, Workaholism can lead to dependence, blackouts and severe relationship stress.

In my case, i feel like the physical act of bicycle love and I are beginning to grow more distant than I would like.

I don’t want to be whiny, as I know everyone in the northern hemisphere is depressed by the short, brutish cold days we are faced with over the next few months. But god-damn, come on! I spend all day, every day being crazy about riding bikes, and talking to other people who are crazy about riding bikes. There are literally 100’s of miles of trails out the door at the home office, and amazing road and xc riding and a fun set of dirtjumps within a camel’s spit of the new shop in Easthampton. Yet somehow with the flexibility afforded to me, and the constant prodding of the bike racers I live and work with, I do not make it out the door as much as I would like this time of year. In an effort to change that, I present the following dictum which I insist on following for myself;

Ride Bikes, drink coffee

It’s a simple case of classical conditioning. No bike ride, no coffee. The exact mechanics of this are yet to be determined, but I think it may necessitate filling part of the new shop space with a trials section. I have also considered locking up the camp stove and french-press geocache style up by the Mt Lincoln fire tower. These both seem like good options. I swear, I have self control. But the warmth of the computer screen draws me in like a hot moth to a butter knife this time of year.

Because I communicate a lot over the tubes, I receive random youtube links all day, every day. At times I am convinced some of my friends have started work for News Corp. I got the below from Mr Pair today via instantaneous tube transfer…..

Jamie Says “these kids are great…”

I say “these kids (Kids on Coffee) are way better”. Jamie says “No way, they aren’t metal”.I say “Middle-Class, blond 12 year old boys from San Diego by definition can not be metal. Do we need more vapid sexualized children commodified for profit, no matter how much they seem to be enjoying it?”Must be me being bitter….

Again, honestly though, both Jamie and I grew up deep inside bike racing. From the age of 13 or so on we already had sweet eating disorders and pretty crummy body image issues that we will likely never be able to overcome. Do we need little boys spreading the gospel of eating disorders worldwide in the name of Metal?

Don’t enough rich white dudes with names like Sven, Axel, Chicken and Bart already help to marginalize the cankled among us?

I don’t think the world is ready for Hanson x5,

Are these children now capable, and will they ever be capable to fully deconstruct classic Judas Priest lyrics? Do they get the put-on that IS metal? Somehow I think not.

Plus, I’m jealous because I want to be rich and famous. So there.


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