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Baby Meat Cycle Bed Bomb

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 23, 2007

It’s been real busy around here the last couple of weeks. We’ve been hammering away at all sorts of projects (sometimes literally).

We started moving into a new shop in Easthampton, Massachusetts (center of the universe). It’s a great big post-industrial mill building. Our immediate neighbors include screenprinters, a chimney sweep, GreaseCar, a dojo, a professional juggler, tons of artists and graphic designers and people who design custom packaging, among many, many other things.

It is hard to leave the woods and come down into the valley sometimes, but the company of fellow sufferers and strivers make it worthwhile. It is a real trip to realize that the space that we are in now is less than a twentieth of what was once a factory that just made rubber tips for crutches. That industry is not dead, just gone overseas…

The Easthampton Skatepark, on the other hand, which used to be directly behind the new shop got plowed (yes, plowed, It was a very big skid-steer) is dead.  In it’s place they put a bunch of grass, some paved semi-cricles and one of those really lame sanitized playgrounds that are supposedly impossible for children to hurt themselves on.

That right there is a bummer, what makes it worse is that the skatepark was originally built with funds raised by the local bike riders…. And the town only spent half the money the kids gave them on the park, leaving them with an ultra-crappy prefab concrete park.  I think the immediate visceral emotion of seeing that lame park getting razed was likely a mixed bag for the 20″ riders of Easthampton.    A hell of town though. Salt of the earth type people, yadda yadda.

I lived in Easthampton from 2002-5 about 2 blocks from where our new shop is, and I really fell in love with the place and the people.

It isn’t the crazy fantasy world of Northampton or Amherst (no Worker Owned Collective copy shops or anarchist bookstores yet), but it is a town that is full of a diverse mixture of white and blue collar laborers, grizzled retired factory workers and dozens of half-way houses full of kooky folks full of great stories about deinstitutionization , panhandling in the happy valley, and the liberating, transformative value of bicycles in their lives. Easthampton is also rapidly filling to capacity with young intellectuals, artists and young progressive families… So full that they are all starting to ooze over Mt Tom into Holyoke (the final frontier).

My brain hurts from all the nitrites the past few days, interested to go see if I can sweat it out on the road bike…

_ Mickey

Oh yeah, and as the above art says, let your local bike culture merchant know that we want to talk to them about feeding your scene. We have XC frames in Steel and Aluminum that are just a few weeks out. Pre-orders insure you get just what you want…




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