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Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 18, 2007


Ladies, Gentleman

I would like to share something one of our esteemed readers and potential customers wrote in the other day. It makes me happy, and we are chartered by law to share happiness (we really are, go look up our filing)


Just checked out your website and I dig the vibe.  It's
about people, bike-people.  And I hear the truth in your "freeriding"
comment.  It makes me think about what the biking culture was 10-15
 years ago.  If you were to ask me to label the kind of riding we did
"back-then" all I could say is we just rode.  If I described it to you,
you might say it was "street" or "trials" or "mtn-freestyle" but it
wasn't, we didn't 'call' it anything.  Yeah we started out riding mtn
bikes but we weren't mountain bikers.  Never rode mountains, hardly ever
rode trails for that matter.  Alleys, parking lots w/ trannys, piles of
junk, a patch of earth covered w/ lava rock, stuff like that is what
gave us hard-ons.  We didn't revolutionize crap.  No-one knew what we
were doing and we sure is hell didn't care to explain it.  We broke bike
parts that's what we did, and half the fun was in the fixing.  Switching
out the big chainring for a second middle ring, we hadn't heard of bash
guards yet.  Riding the meanest bmx pedals we could find and Mom buying
shinguards when she saw what they did.  Pounding the hell out of our
bodies and bikes not knowing that someday what we were doing would be
cool.  Not long ago one of the junior shop mechanics was working on his
decal-free P3, had just converted it to single speed.  I was stoked and
told him so, asked him what it was.  His response, it's something new, a
mtn bike for freestyle and street riding.  I just smiled knowing there
was no way for him to fully appreciate what I had just heard.  He'll
never understand why freestyle was once colored pink, purple, or white.
That street riding was once about something other than studded belts
hanging from boxers.  Sentiment hardly ever catches up with me but it's
a warm fuzzy to know that there's a few old dudes out there still doing
what they did "back then" , a few people that can't imagine riding that
isn't "free".

I really, really like this guy.

In other notes, I headed down to NJ this weekend with the E13 folks to attend a really fun benefit shred-athon at Lars Tribus’s compound(The Proving Grounds). It was a big happy end of the season bike ride fun-athon that saw most of the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic DH and slalom crowd, and the whole NJ based DH productions freestyle mafia get together to raise money for Tara Llanes.

Over $2100 was raised with the donations of the riders, and raffle donations from Rocky Mountain, Jay Dejesus and Lars himself.
The best thing, besides supporting a fellow bike racer (and human) in a time of need? The infectious energy and enthusiasm of the groms that were there. Richie Rude, Logan and Nico Mullaly and a few more kids whose names I don’t know were sprinting at things full speed when we got there at 9am to setup, and still blasting away when it was dark.

Being a kid at Lars’s house is EXACTLY like being a kid in a candy store except with a much smaller risk for adult onset type 2 diabetes.

Hope ya’lls weekend was as good as ours!

-Mickey et. al.


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  1. stefanbadger said, on November 27, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    Wow, I am quite honored, thank you. I can certainly dig up more sentiment if it pleases you. I am very fond of the places retrospect takes me, although I wouldn’t trust everything to memory as it often embellishes. I must confess, I am no longer the rider I once was. Long ago and far away I lived and worked to keep that one bike running, the one that didn’t have a name cuz it was built from random parts ridden on random terrain. Now, 15 years later finds me at a desk dreaming of the ‘next’ new bike. When my riding was young and spirited I would ride anything with wheels, I have since subscribed to bike-snobbery. I deny myself little when it comes to what I ride and will jump at any excuse to build yet another bike. But where I have gained in my great fortune, to ride those bikes previously dreamed of, have I maybe lost that blind enthusiasm I once had, the love of riding traded for the love of bikes? I now ‘log’ more miles than ever before, but is it the same? Can miles ridden be an equal measure of love for the ride? This summer left me with just one ‘cool’ bike scar, unfortunately the scars on body and bike are no longer the result of riding without reserve, Aflac be-damned, fear now rides along with me and consequence is its shadow. Not all is lost though; I still ride with a measure of abandon, albeit calculated. My riding has changed, maybe even progressed, if one can consider owning better bikes progress. With bittersweet reflection, I am reminded what it was to love recklessly, to be completely defined by a passion. If you have it, don’t lose it, but if you do, don’t forget that ‘it’ was once you. Thanks for reminding me.

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