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Ten things you should know about Chris Jones

Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 7, 2007

This comes to us post-haste from our California Correspondent Eric Becker. Becker is an effeminate ladies man with a penchant for saran wrap. This semi-employed Yale graduate comes to us courtesy of his super-awesome coaching practice .

1. He can bake better than your mom AND your grandmother.

2. He has never uttered a curse word in his life. Ever.

3. He has always been fast. The only reason that he’s winning now is that he finally got over feeling bad about beating people.

4. His wife makes her own shower curtains.

5. His Vo2 is 4,000%

6. He does not know what marijuana smells like.

7. His sweat fetches a price of $6,000/ounce in Asia, where it is thought to bring great luck to businessmen.

8. He use to be a surfer. In California

9. He knows how to build a highway overpass.

10. He once beat Lance Armstrong in a pushup contest.

Ok, the last one is not true, but the rest of them are. Congrats to Chris Jones on his win at Chainbiter.

Follow his blog here.




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