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Posted in Illiterate by Mickey/SpookyBikes on November 1, 2007

So sometimes you come home and see that things are just slightly different. It doesn’t always hit you right away, but once you see it, it’s one of those moments were you’re not quite sure exactly what is happening. You stand there and merely

we are going to die

observe just to try and soak every bit in. This is exactly what happened to me the other day. Our other Jamie decided he was going to follow up on his threats. Well it wasn’t exactly a threat I guess, but he has been extremely bored lately since he’s not able to ride (long story). He, we all, want a pump section through our yard. What set of pro racers wouldn’t want that? Personally I think it’s great, and plan on busting a monster X-up on my cross bike, that’s just how I roll. OK, I’ll probably break my collarbone attempting it, don’t thin I won’t try it though.

Anyways check out how much stuff this joker cleared out in the matter of a few hours! We can’t do anything with the crap in the back b/c it is a marsh, stinks huh? Trust us we would love to do something with it, but it just won’t work sad i know.



you like?

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