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Posted in Uncategorized by Mickey/SpookyBikes on October 29, 2007

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Did you get to ride your bike this morning? I did. Next week I’ll ride this…


It’s called a Kittenpaste. We build them here in Western Mass. They come in 3 sizes stock, and come with track ends stock. I am building one up for when I go see RD in Boston… 3speed SRAM rear hub, coaster brake, long reach caliper front. Nice set of preacher bars, and what you have is fast fun no-frills coffee machine.

If you are hipster fixie nerd, the geometry is agressive enough for that too, but you can fit fenders, a rack and all the other stuff that makes it a bike and not the 2-wheeled equivalent of a chihuahua.

We swapped the straight gauge top-tube out for a slightly lighter butted tube on one of the bikes, and the Columbus track ends for some front entry semi-horizontal numbers with a hanger. This yields a wonderful club-racer. When all these cute little numbers are buttoned up, we’ll be sure to show them off.

I think a lot of people expect us to make hucktastic huckmachines.

Well, no, that’s not how we ride. Why make bikes we don’t ride? I just put together all the parts I need for this…. A nice ‘cross bike. Mostly Columbus Life, with a mickey cx

monostay, because ever since Smorgasbord, I’ve always wanted one. I’m planning on building it up single speed, so I can have more excuses as to why I get lapped 20 minutes in.

Mr Pair (pictured above looking like a crackhead) is getting antsy for an XC race frame (so he doesn’t have to ride XC with Niall and I on his ‘cross bike). Some other fine folks here in the U.S. are working on some more production bikes for us, in some other materials. I’ll fill you in on those a bit more later.

And remember. Have a horrible Halloween! Anyone on the eastcoast of the USA needs to be at the Middle East in Boston for Avail

Do you want a bike too? Great. Drop us a line.


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